What is Farmer Voice Radio?

Timely, relevant, and needs-oriented information is critical to the success of smallholder farmers in Africa and while many countries have in place agricultural extension (advisory) systems, these systems are largely inefficient.

Farmer Voice Radio (FVR) represents a different, sustainable, model of agricultural extension that overcomes many of the limitations of traditional extension by linking extension officers, and farmers, with radio and other information and communication technologies to enhance farmer productivity and prosperity.

Radio Farmer reviews notes on FVR programs
FVR Local Radio Agricultural Advisory Committee (LRAAC) in action
FVR interview in progress
An FVR Listener Club member proudly presents his produce
Youth Group in Kenya uses green house to try out practices learned through FVR broadcasts
Rural farmers with their cell phones in Mali
Local radio station in Nairobi
KBC main studios in Nairobi
Malawi chief holds up a fish trap in the corn field bordering her fish pond
Husband and wife work together in their garden
A community radio station program director at work